The current prices for scrap Copper prices Australia has been welcomed with open arms by all those who are in the business of collecting, separating, recycling and selling in the open world market.
The process is quite a tedious one with many man hours being spent in collecting little bits of Copper wherever they may be bringing them into the collection centers, sorting it out and then taking it for recycling.
There is no conceivable price at the point of collection as that factor would depend largely on the location, quantity, type and various other related reasons.
In any case once it is collected by the middlemen the prices could stabilize due to the simple fact that they know exactly what they have in hand especially with the experience that they have in the business.
Their expertise would come into play only then but on the streets the latest price could vary around a very big margin and within an expanded price range.
Currently scrap Copper prices Australia could vary between Aus $1.00 to Aus $ 5.00 which would depend on all the inherent factors mentioned above.
The best part of this business of collecting scrap Copper is there is no inherent risk, because there would not be a crash in world Copper prices and those holding large stocks of scrap Copper facing millions of dollars of loss.
It will not happen in the foreseeable future if one takes a close hard look how the virgin Copper market and scrap Copper prices Australia are behaving at the moment.
There is a good future for scrap Copper prices Australia and it would remain so too for the next few years going into the future for sure, unless of course there is a big world calamity and the use of Copper drops drastically and that is not evident on the world horizon.
Copper is enjoying good days and with the world population too rising substantially it is very unlikely that anything adverse would happen to our world so those in the scrap Copper prices Australia could go about their business in peace and make that little money which would keep their home fires burning.

Scrap Copper Prices in Australia


The discovery of Copper nearly 10,000 years ago (around 7000+BC) was prehistoric Man’s first twist of destiny with any metal and since then we have foraged into every conceivable metal and other deposits we could extract from the earth below us.
Copper was easily malleable, was resistant to corrosion and early Man found it could be made into weapons that they could hunt with and since then copper has been in the forefront of development more due to their use in construction, energy and other significant development projects.
Australia mines its own copper but that has not deterred the need for more, which are used domestically and a large part of it exported bringing immense revenue to the country.
Copper is recyclable hence the perennial universal demand with a constantly fluctuating price structure for scrap copper prices Australia which has brought many to indulge in this well organized operation in the country to ensure that this demand is met and those who are involved in it make some money.
Similar to most metals, Copper too has its own status quo in the metal prospecting marketplace and like virgin Copper, its counterpart scrap Copper too has its own important niche, and demands its rightful place in the same forum without being treated as less, though it may be cheaper than the former.
Scrap Copper prices Australia has never had a day of sound sleep, as it is being traded in the world metal market 24 x 7 all through the year and with the demand for Copper at its peak, scrap Copper is smart too and is not far behind to demand it too gets its due price if it is not mixed or contaminated with other metals.
The list is very long as to the sources where one could procure scrap Copper and there is an army of collectors at all times of the day working to get the scrap Copper, then separate it to enable recycling and in the end get their of share of the spoils too.   


Scrap Copper prices Australia has never remained static and unlike virgin Copper it has no fixed price that could be quoted and sold or bought because so many inherent factors would decide the ultimate price one would pay for scrap Copper.
Whoever buys scrap Copper especially at the collection and at the middleman operational stage, would insist to see the scrap before a price could be decided and  it is a case of seeing what you would be buying.
To provide an indication of how this affects scrap Copper prices Australia the price of a kilogram could vary from a low of Aus $ 1.00 to a high of Aus $ 5.00. Such a vast disparity is seen as there is an extensive cost to separate the Copper from the other foreign bodies it would be mixed with.
This vast disparity in scrap Copper prices Australia provides the big scrap Copper dealers to make immense profits which even virgin Copper dealers would not dream of making.
It may be a harsh world that those who pound the streets, walk till their shoes give way and who do all the hard work collecting sometimes a couple of kilograms of scrap Copper from far flung households, would just make a few dollars at the end of the day whilst those who sit in the comfort of their air conditioned offices would make the millions.
The world demand for Copper has never been challenged and would not drop to prices below certain acceptable levels and likewise scrap Copper prices Australia would also be at commercially viable prices and remain a formidable force in Australia’s economy.
Though Australia produces Copper and have recently discovered new mines the demand for scrap Copper prices Australia would remain if not rise higher in the years ahead. 


Scrap Copper prices per Kg has remained between a wide disproportionate price range and that is between Aus $ 1.00 and Aus $ 5.00 and this difference has given rise to the fact that Copper in any form has a demand at the recycling plants but only when it could be easily and conveniently used in their plants.

Recycling plants fight shy when they have to work through a tedious process of separating the Copper from other materials which would incur them a substantially higher cost.

Even though the prices are wide apart between the lower end and the higher end scrap Copper collectors do make their money from the investment they make and the recycling plants too, get their share of the cake.

There are no alarm bells ringing that the scrap Copper industry is dropping in demand or this industry is suffering a setback with world prices for Copper dropping as that would not happen n the foreseeable future.

There are many who are depending on the scrap Copper industry and they bring in a substantial revenue to the Australian economy and has been in the forefront of the total steel industry and their livelihood has always been guaranteed due to the fact that scrap Copper prices have been healthy at all times.

Australia has many Copper mines but that has not deterred the scrap Copper industry as the demand for their efforts would always remain at a premium.

Copper was the first metal Man laid his hands on about 10,000 years ago and since then it has remained a very important commodity for us and it would be predictable that it would remain so for many years more too.

The industries using Copper are so diverse that even if it was virgin Copper or scrap it would still command the same rightful place it would always have and that is what has kept Copper right up there where it rightfully belongs.

As long as virgin Copper remains in demand so would be scrap Copper too as they go side by side even though one may outshine, the other.