Scrap Metal Prices Australia
The variety of scrap metal that you can sell for top prices per kilo/kg available for collection and recycling in Australia is very wide from Copper, Brass, Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Lead, and many more.
Some of the metals are collected from various sources like discarded batteries, Steel furniture, Iron sheets and rods, even Gold and Silver are available for collection and each of these have a standard price which would vary on a daily basis depending on the demand on that particular day.



Demand would depend on availability which would push the prices up or down and it is an exercise of disposing off the quantum of metal you would have in your possession because if you decide to hold it the prices could fluctuate vigorously with you either losing a lot of money or making a substantial profit.
There is an element of speculation involved and if the quantities that are in your possession is large then if you are hit with a price drop you would tend to lose much money. Hence many scrap metal dealers tend to dispose off their stocks and take the chances rather than holding onto stock unless they are very sure that there would be a price increase but that again would be not the best way to go, if the speculation goes haywire there would not be anything that would save you.

If you want to sell scrap metal for top prices per kilogram or ton in Australia click the town or city that you live in from the list further down the page to view a list of scrap yards that are willing to buy your scrap metal from you in the area your metals are located.


Current Scrap Metal Prices Australia 2021/2022

There is no reason to believe that collectors who bring what they could get their hands on would have the financial capacity to hold large stocks of scrap metal waiting for the prices to rise in 2021/2022 but on the contrary they would be better off and their thinking more prudent if they could dispose off their stocks and purchase new stocks.
In any case they would make their return and that could be average or they could make a real kill and for that the heavens would need to open up and lady luck would need to smile upon them.
Business does not happen like that and if it does then everyone would be holding onto what they have, waiting anxiously for the Sun to shine on them every day at every hour which is not what happens generally in business.

There is no dearth in variety as every type of metal is available in Australia and the collection of scrap is a very well organised and streamlined operation involving many and most of them earn good money and enjoy a decent living because metals of all types are very precious commodities that the world needs in large quantities and cannot do without.
The list is very long and if one is to tabulate the types of metal that would be available it would be a very impressive list too and with Gold right on top but only available in small quantities and that too only when you extricate it from other objects because Gold jewellery being thrown away by its owners would be a very rare occurrence in today‚Äôs context.  

Current Scrap Metal Prices Australia
Scrap Metal Prices Guide Australia 2017/2018

Current Scrap Metal Prices Australia Guide

Below is a general Australian scrap metal prices guide that is updated frequently, the guide shows scrap metal prices being paid by a Australia based Scrap Yard on 2021/2022. and these scrap metal prices are a very good indicator of what you should expect to receive for your scrap metals when you come to sell them in Australia.

Metal Type Current Scrap Metal Prices Australia (AUD)
Cast Iron and Steel$0.10 per Kilo
Bright Copper Wire$6.38 per Kilo
Lead$1.85 per Kilo
Heavy Copper$5.71 per Kilo
Braziery Copper$4.70 per kilo
Copper Tanks$5.04 per Kilo
Foamy Tanks and Lead Wash$3.70 per Kilo
Brass$4.20 per Kilo
316 Stainless Turnings$1.34 per Kilo
Aluminium Turnings$0.50 per Kilo
PVC wire$2.02 per kilo
Motors$0.34 per kilo
Low Grade Cable$1.18 per kilo
High Grade PVC Wire$2.86 per Kilo
Stainless Steel Turnings$1.01 per kilo
Aluminium Cable with Copper$1.34 per kilo
Aluminium$1.01 per Kilo
Stainless Steel$1.26 per Kilo
316 Stainless Steel$1.68 per Kilo

Types of Scrap Metal You Can Sell For Good Prices Per Kilo in Australia

Scrap Copper

Scrap Lead

Scrap Iron

Scrap Aluminium

Scrap Brass

Scrap Steel

Here are the areas you can sell scrap metal for top prices per kilogram in Australia, click the area you live for more details on selling your scrap metal in your hometown and for details of scrap yards in your area too.
Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast Tweed Heads, Canberra, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Hobart, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Toowoomba, Bendigo, Ballarat, Albury Wodonga, Launceston, Maitland, Mandurah, Bunbury, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Melton, Wagga Wagga, Shepparton Mooroopna, Port Macquarie, Orange, Tamworth, Mildura-Buronga, Sunbury, Pakenham, Gladstone, Dubbo, Geraldton, Bathurst, Kalgoorlie - Boulder, Warrnambool, Nowra-Bomaderry, Albany, Lismore, Traralgon, Mount Gambier and Alice Springs.

Latest Scrap Metal Prices Australia

Due to the fluctuation of the prices of metal it is a matter of watching the market from morning till night and that too only till the Australian markets close but when it does the Western markets open and what happens there would have a very direct bearing on the Australian market even though we Australians would fast asleep in our slumber.
So if you are a dealer in scrap metal and a big player in the business it would be difficult for you to sleep because when you get up something terrible would have happened elsewhere and the metal market generally for a specific metal would have run through the roof and if you had a large quantity of it sold it out a day before or have a large stock n hand then you would be laughing all the way to your bank.
That would be a very happy end indeed but it could be the other way round too if the prices drop and you take a big hit. It would be a gamble if you feel that you could stock scrap metal and make your money but on the contrary it would be prudent to make your money everyday rather than trying to play the market and lose a huge sum of money which could put you out of business too.
It has happened to many in the business because speculation in this business could be dangerous and it is similar to the oil, Gold or other commodities market and some have burnt their fingers very badly.
There is no way that metal prices would stabilize and if anyone thinks so it would not be a very educative decision but a very foolish one at that.
Take what you can and move on with the next consignment for the next never try to speculate as things could go right or terribly wrong and if you are wrong nothing could help other than God Himself.
Risks should be taken in business but the scrap metal market is volatile and not a place for you to pitch the tent of speculation.

Dealing in scrap metal is a very flourishing business around the world as most of it, if not all are taken to the furnace and melted to be recycled or reused again. It is cheaper for manufacturers who use metal for their products to purchase recycled metal than buying virgin metal extracted from the earth, which is where metals are generally found.
The extraction process is understandably costlier than using recycled metal but there could be one hitch that is the quality of recycled metal would be lower than that of virgin metal because it could be mixed with other impurities but considering the difference in price the exercise is economically viable and profitable for all.
In Australia too, the scrap metal business is flourishing and is believed to be running into millions of dollars and there are many indulging in it and having their fingers on its pulse

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