The metal Iron is the most found element on the Earth’s crust and also comprising in the inner and outer core of our resplendent planet Earth making it an unquantifiable quantum by mass other than any metal we could find.

Iron is easily formed especially due to its extremely easy fusing and is found in abundance not only on Earth but scientists believe that it is also the case in other planets in our Solar System. Iron can be easily recycled and in its individual form is very brittle and is generally not employed to manufacture any products but with a touch of Carbon into it, the alloy is called steel which is one of the strongest alloys that could be found.

Scrap Iron Prices Australia

Iron is mixed with carbon and other elements and is used extensively which makes it readily available for collection and recycling which provides it as very big ask or n demand when you could collect it and have it sent to the umpteen number of recycling plants in Australia as well as around the world.

Iron is the most prolifically recycled metal as it is abundantly available due to the fact that it is the most found metal around us too, in its raw virgin form and as in used form which makes it a very lucrative metal to be collected by the army of scrap collectors around Australia driving scrap iron prices Australia to reasonably attractive limits.

The scrap metal industry is immense to say the least and in the forefront is Iron which holds its place in the wide spectrum of scrap metals available for recycling because the vast quantum of this metal being made available to be collected and sent to the recycling plants for use in another form on another day.

Iron would never lose its appeal even though it is found in gay abundance and that is due to its varied use especially as the primary component in the alloy of Steel which is used extensively around the world.


There is not an iota of doubt that everyone who is in the recycling industry which covers a wide spectrum of already used products, are in it due to its immense returns on investment and also that all these recyclable products are available to be collected, if you are willing to pound the streets and pavements to locate these and then ensure that they are sent to the recycling plants so that a steady flow is fed to them, so that they could be economically viable entities.

As long as the latest scrap iron prices per kilogram Australia remains at lucratively attractive limits the demand for scrap iron would remain high even though the price disparity between the high and low ends being at two very

The latest scrap iron prices per kilogram Australia has been hovering between Aus $ 0.08 on the lower end and at around Aus $ 0.16 at the higher end. Though this would seem very little in monetary value the quantum of Iron available for collection and thereafter for recycling is beyond anyone’s imagination which is what makes this particular metal much in demand for recycling plants, if they could lay their hands on it.

There are many entrepreneurs who have taken to this very lucrative business which is to look around find the Iron and then get it across to the recycling plants, which operation looks simple no doubt and is a very extensively practiced one.

As the latest scrap iron prices per kilogram Australia is between two extremes with a 100% increase on price from the lower end to the higher it makes many to take up this business and ensure that they keep their home fires burning successfully all through the year as there is no such thing as a season for this industry.


There has never been a situation where the current scrap iron prices Australia have fluctuated to such an extent that dealers in scrap iron have made losses that could affect their business. This business may be a very funny business too, because what determines the price is the “quality” of scrap iron made available either at the collection centers or at the recycling plant itself.

Determining quality is the sole prerogative of the recycling plant as there is no hard and fast rule that could be implemented or adhered to when purchasing scrap Iron, or for that matter any type of scrap metal. The “quality” of the Iron would depend how much of it that could be successfully recycled and reused for products that would not compromise its quality just because the Iron that was supplied to the factory was spurious.

“Spurious” would not be the most appropriate word because the Iron that is generally collected is the junk and muck of Iron that could be found anywhere without it being of any particular standards because it is scrap after all and nothing else.

Those of who are in this business know that their returns on investment are healthy and no expiry dates, quality in its real meaning and other factors are relevant as it is scarp and nothing else.

There is no doubt that the current scrap iron prices Australia are healthy and has been so for many moons too and it is envisaged that it would remain so into the future too as no one is predicting that there would be great upheavals in this business which makes returns steady and not in a rapidly fluctuating market.

Scrap Iron would remain a recyclable commodity and the demand to acquire it for recycling would also remain high hence anyone getting into this business is certain to make money and with reasonably prevailing current scrap iron prices Australia it is generally accepted that nobody would take an economically hurtful blow by being in the scrap Iron or in any scrap metal collecting business anywhere in the vast expanse of Australia.

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