Steel is a mixture of Iron and other elements, generally Carbon which makes it very strong and is generally used for heavy duty construction projects as reinforcement for concrete. Iron by itself is not strong and is easily malleable hence it is not used other than as an alloy in the manufacture of any product.

Once steel is used it could be reused again, if it could be collected and recycled to construct other products or the same product with a higher tensile strength.

The demand for steel in its virgin form has always maintained its premium price which makes scrap steel prices Australia also on par with its more important counterpart. The usage of scrap steel unlike virgin steel which is straight from the mines to the factories has a more tedious process, where it needs to be collected in little quantities and then brought to the main collection centers then sent to the recycling plants and made into billets which would be reused again for many different applications.

There could be a difference in price between virgin steel and recycled steel but the strength in comparison between the two would be only a slight difference with virgin steel tipping the scales in its favor.

Steel Prices Australia

The world demand for steel has been at a premium since it came into production just because of its universal usage especially in the construction industry. The building construction industry consumes a large quantum of steel and this has jacked up the price of virgin steel and along with that the scrap steel prices Australia to a healthy level when comparing the quantum of scrap available in every nook and corner of the country.

The collection of scrap steel is a very big industry especially with the recycling facilities available around the country and the world demand for steel at a premium.

If anyone is contemplating of going into the scrap steel business this would be the most opportune time as scrap steel prices Australia has stabilized to a very favorable extent.


The latest scrap steel prices Australia are around Aus $ 0.10 to about Aus $ 0.15 and between this price there could be many reasons and factors which would determine what price would be given to a particular consignment of scrap steel.

Whatever the price you may be offered the quantum of scrap steel supplied will be in many hundreds if not thousands of tons hence a fraction in price difference would go into quite a substantial amount.

It is because of this that the demand for scrap steel is high and many collection centers are open to ensure that the recycling plants are given a steady supply round the clock to keep their plants working at optimum levels.

The scrap steel industry is at its peak and there is ample and more scrap steel available out there to keep the recycling plants busy and with it, all the scrap steel collectors who are a force to reckon with in this industry always on their toes.

There is not going to be any slack in this industry for the simple reason that as long as the demand for steel remains scrap steel prices Australia would enjoy a healthy environment to ensure that they get that premium price that they seek.

Steel is used universally and has been the backbone of the construction industry and it is without doubt going to remain so too for many years as the world population is rising substantially with the construction industry too keeping pace.

The iron that is extracted cannot keep pace with the changing world demand hence the scrap steel requirement would remain at a high to fill that vacuum and as long as that occurs all those in the scrap steel industry would enjoy good returns.